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Tu Heiava, the unique TIKEHAU pass is a magical place, easy dives that will stay in your memory.

The dives with Tikehau Plongée


raie manta
North corner of the pass: The launch is done on the coral reef which starts on a gentle slope. Along the drop-off, in the rock presence of Moray and Pteroids with rays. Big Blue Side: Tuna, Heller's Bécune Benches. We arrive then in a circus on a bottom of 20m, here, presence of Pierre fish, bench of Perches Paddle, Perches with blue stripes, White tip Sharks, possibility to cross Aigle Rays by letting go towards the pass.

TUHEIAVA Pass (drift)

If the current is returning, drift dive in the pass. The start is done to the right or left, with a descent into the blue, we are off to the first step in search of gray sharks and leopard rays. The current takes us we cross different species of trevallies (disheveled, big eyes, lures, striped, point yellow etc. ..) and sharks.

Attention we must remain attentive, at the end of the dive we will pass near fish traps opportunities to cross the big sharks (big Hammer, Tiger).


If the current is outgoing, we dive on the south angle which is very different from the north angle, presence of schools of bigeye trevallies, Whitefin reef sharks and White tip of the lagoon, Lion fish, Barracuda turtles, Napoleon, turtles and sometimes Manta coming out of the lagoon. A sure value.

Sharks hole

sharks hole
Possibility of a deep dive for more experienced divers. The drop that starts from - 15m is spectacular, it is carpeted Rougets big eyes and goes deeper than the divers are allowed to go down. The most experienced will stop at - 50m. The presence of gray sharks is not uncommon. For the less experienced this dive is remarkable by the multitude of red eyes (-20m) and the colors of the drop. The dive continues drifting along the slope to the pass.
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